ALN Vendor A/P Processing using Website Submission


  1. Vendors can submit their invoices at  Use your company login and password, as provided at signup

Your company Username and password:


                                          i.    User Name: __________________

                                         ii.    Password:  __________________


  1. Once you are logged in – you will see your company name at the Top of the Page
    1. Click on the Browse Button to select the “CSV” file you are going to submit
    2. Once your file is selected Click on Process






  1. What is a “CSV file”?  It is a simple text file that must follow the following layout:



77702-1,2008-08-01,17:00,"Evening Run",2,"Bolt, Usain",18002,,88.68,

78123-4,2008-08-01,10:00,"Morning Swim",2,"Phelps,Michael",19002,,122.21,


a.     All the fields need to complete EXCEPT the “ALNConf” field but you still need this column (see picture below)

b.    The data and format will be checked when you go through the Process steps

c.     You can always download the “Sample CSV File” to get the proper layout and use that in the future.

d.    What the sample file looks like and it can be created in excel


  1. Click Browse to Select your file:

  1. The “Choose File” menu will open so you can go to the Folder where the  Filename.CSV selection is waiting to be imported
  2. Highlight the file and click on “Open”, bottom right of the menu.


  1. You will see the file you select along with the path to get to the file on the web page
  2. Click on the Process Button.





  1. You will be taken to a new web page that will display the data you are submitting:


  1. Summary of your import.
  2. Invoice:  Type in your Invoice number, if you don’t have one use the last activity date on your invoice.  This field can’t be blank.
  3. Agency:  Select the Agency you are submitting the invoice for.  You must select a valid company.
  4. Notes:  If you have any notes you would like the Agency AP department to read type them in this field.
  5. File:  Displays the details of the import in a Text file format.
  6. Displays the details of the import in the spreadsheet format
  7. Submit:  If you have the correct file selected and you completed the Invoice and Agency fields then click submit.


6.     Successful submission:


7.     Other Useful Feature:

a.     History of what you have Submitted by Agency:  Go to “Agencies” at the top of the page:

b.    In the “A/P” Processing column click on History and you will receive a list of submissions in order of submission date.